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Gen III Production Vacuum Press

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This Production press features two 12"x12"work tables that work independently of each other using the control valves, while using the same built in surge tank and one single low cfm vacuum pump.

These Vacuum presses are handmade and are built to perform and last.

Check out the Vaccum press details Below:


 3/8" Ball valve to direct the vacuum to the table,

1/4"Ball valve to release the vacuum hold from the table.

Quality vacuum gauge to monitor the table.


 The press has a 12"x12" solid work surface [no flexing under vacuum]


Pump recommendations.. The press including the Production Press has been designed around a 2.5 cfm(cubic feet per minute)pump.

Point being ALL pumps will pull 30in.hg !

Larger cfm #'s only means volume of air moved per minute NOT how strong they are!                    

Materials Used.. 

All frame work is made with PVC lumber, glued & screwed (nailed)

Surge tank is made with Sch. 40 PVC pipe & fittings

Valve & fittings are Sch. 80 PVC

Work surface is POLYPROPYLENE

Translucent silicone membrane                                     

Type- Translucent Grade

Durometer, Shore "A"- 50

Specific Gravity-   1.15g/cc

Tensile Strength- 1000psi

Elongation-   500%

Temperature Range-   -80 to 450°F (500°intermittent)


Foot Print...  17½" x 18" x 8"

 *Vacuum pumps are sold separately*

*This is a special order item and can have longer shipping times. This item ships separately. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review