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RCHolstersupply is now selling Vacuum Presses!

These Vacuum presses are handmade and are built to perform and last.

Check out the Vaccum press details Below:


 3/8" Ball valve to direct the vacuum to the table,

1/4"Ball valve to release the vacuum hold from the table.

Quality vacuum gauge to monitor the table.


 The press has a 12"x12" solid work surface [no flexing under vacuum]


Pump recommendations.. The press including the Production Press has been designed around a 2.5 cfm(cubic feet per minute)pump.

Point being ALL pumps will pull 30in.hg !

Larger cfm #'s only means volume of air moved per minute NOT how strong they are!                    

Materials Used.. 

All frame work is made with PVC lumber, glued & screwed (nailed)

Surge tank is made with Sch. 40 PVC pipe & fittings

Valve & fittings are Sch. 80 PVC

Work surface is POLYPROPYLENE

Translucent silicone membrane                                     

Type- Translucent Grade

Durometer, Shore "A"- 50

Specific Gravity-   1.15g/cc

Tensile Strength- 1000psi

Elongation-   500%

Temperature Range-   -80 to 450°F (500°intermittent)


Foot Print...  17½" x 18" x 8"

*Vacuum pumps are sold separately*