End Of Summer BOGO Sale!!!! – RCHolstersupply LLC

End Of Summer BOGO Sale!!!!

PLEASE READ! RCHolstersupply is having our first BOGO sale! That’s right Buy one Get one free sale. All of the products below are eligible for our BOGO sale. No coupon code is required, the sale will occur once you are at check out. How many items do I need to buy? it’s simple, if you’re looking for a total of 24 items you simply click qty of 24 and our system will do the work for you. the QTY will be the total you are looking to purchase. ie. If you want 24 total items, you will put 24 in your shopping cart. DO NOT put 12 QTY and expect to get 24 items. *If you mismatch items, please note the less expensive item will be taken off and will be free. Make sure you are maximizing your savings. If you have any questions please shoot any email to RCHolsterupply@gmail.com